MY ART!!!!!!!!!

here is some art!!!! i ate da thumbdrive with all of my art on it by accident orz..... so not all of it is there but what i do find i wil post!!! coda said she made a backup or ten just in case XD so im gonna go through those. for now check out this biz!!!!!


the first art i ever did on my right!!!!!!! its a little simple (of course duh!) but i think it turned out RAD!!!! its of my ASTEROID which i sleep next 2 every nite!!! i used to sleep ON it but then it got stuck in the side of da ship so now i sleep next to it instead!! simple beginnings, but i get a billion times better after this....

sear and coda the talkening

this is one of da first images i ever did!!! coda set me up with a computer in my room to "entertain me" and it haz!!! i love working on cool art and i made this after i got really inspired. coda and sear had to call up one of the grocery stores we visited and apologized for me munchin on some of da grocery bagz. i still dont think i deserve all that trouble!!! but the pose i had to draw it >:PPPP

eating DELISHIOS fruit!! XD

this is the start of my improvement as an arteeste!! (fancy way of saying drawer) this time i wanted to do SHADING and sear gave me a couple tips (he is SO cool) and its me eating some delish froots. :333


okay BIG JUMP here but this is a billion years later!! (not actually XD) but voleric was really nice and bought me a tablet!! he was kind of confused at the name because tablets are all stone to him which is DUMB lmao XDDDDD but anyway. i have soemthing to admit..........i was using bases for my first couple of piks!! i feel bad but they were necessery to growing as an artest.........................(not actually sorry hhehe XD) but this is an image of me ROCKING OUT!!!! in my favorite hoodie karb got me with all of my COOL STUFF!!! very proud of this one i think it is my best work >:]]]]]]]]]]]

me chillin!!

>:DDDD NEWEST ART PEICE JUST DROPPED!!!! worked on this bad boy for HOURZ...orz...not that i really noticed XD i got really into drawing a self portrat. my eyes really can do that!!! it freaks voleric out which i think is TEH FUNNIEST LMAO!!!! XDDD pretty proud of da FX here (cool spelling of "effects" for those who dont know!!!!!) im really pushing myself!!!!


GUESS WHO JUST GOT ME TEH BEST BOOK EVAR!!!!!!!! XDDDD Axis grabbed me a How 2 Draw book and da drawings in epic. i had to follow teh instructions on one of these bad boys!!!!!!!! mayb a little 2 hard for me, but dang if i dont look da coolest....